The Christian Cross Symbolizes Rebirth at Center Earth.

God is at the center of earth.  It almost seems certain to me that 'our father gives birth to mother earth' and that 'our father' is the center of earth (with the earth as the mother surrounding the father).  Birth/reincarnation/resurrection happens through the Father (Earth's Center).  There is a deeper meaning behind the symbol of the Christian Cross. The Christian Cross represents a Circle with the Circle representing Earth. The German word for Circle 'is' literally Kreis; Kreis equates to Circle. Kristenkind! I came to the realization after looking at Malewitsch's Schwarzer Kreis (indeed a big Circle) and having an insight a few nights ago that woke me up (the word Merkhaba). That's not all. The early ichthys symbol, created by combining the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ, Ephesus features the Circle as well. Interestingly enough, the Greek word for fish is Icthus which represents the resurrection; especially when the anchor (the One aka God) is placed in between two fish (exactly what quantum mechanics displays). In addition, the connection with the IX monogram and the Chi-Ro symbol are simply too obvious to ignore.  Notice the additional similarity with the Dharmachakra; the Center steering its Self. Center Earth is most likely the One who giveth birth with the One being this Self-Loving Oneness that allows all to be birthed out of it.  I can only conclude (once again) that 'Existence is One; this One is God in which all exists', hence allowing rebirth; therefore, the importance of the Golden Rule. I was baptized and did the Camino de Santiago twice, so I hope I am allowed to express my overly simplified opinion. You decide for your Self. I know that 'God is the Center of Earth' and that all is quite literally One, therefore, rendering arguments/conflicts obsolete. Love, therefore Love. All is One. It is all I know.
~ Wald